Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fortune, Dream and Takarakuji

Each time I passed the lottery stall, I thought of buying a takarakuji ticket and winning it. Can you imagine winning the lottery worth hundred millions yen? What you are going to do with that money? How you are going to spend the money?

Sometimes, it is so hard to understand why some people in Japan spend ludicrous sum of money on takarakuji just to improve their odds. It is all about fortune. If you are fortunate enough then you just need to buy one ticket to win it.

I once read about the Law of Attraction, it states that you get what you think about and your thoughts determine your destiny or you manifest your own reality. This law doesn’t fit for lottery fans – millions people buying the ticket and there is only one ultimate winner. So no matter how hard you think about winning the lottery, only the most fortunate person who will win it.

I think the reason those people spend much money on takarakuji is just to improve their dreaming quality. Once you buy a lottery ticket then you have a valid reason to dream about spending hundred millions yen! Yes, everyday until they announce the real winner. Well, I guess it is not a bad idea to have a nice fantasy, imagination and dream
as very fortunate and rich person especially when we are having a bad time.

Buy one ticket! Who knows you can buy this car?? You never know....


Andrew Choong said...

We have this culture of buying lottery in Singapore as well. Singaporeans will go to great lengths to search for numbers that they believe will bring them "true happiness" by winning the lottery.
I have even seen a dictionary which has 4 numbers attached to every dream, insect and tools so that people can just find the magical "numbers" to "invest". I think the real winners are the government as you can only buy from them legally and the people who sells these dictionaries. Demand and supply.

fruityoaty said...

Dreaming and imagination are good because they allow to visualize possibilities, ideas and even solutions. But it's not when they take over your life in negative ways -- i.e. "delusion", not accepting reality, lol.

I mean, really... they're spending all that money to increase their probability? Crazy. Winning a lottery is just pure luck.

Lavender said...

I believe it is the New York Lottery Commission that uses this as a slogan...."All you need is a dollar, and a dream!"....Here in Australia its "Scratch me Happy!"...I have been known to occasionally imagine myself the winner of outrageous lottery fortunes, its alot of fun untill you realize you dont have the winning ticket. But, such is life!
Thanks for visiting the birds & the beads

Random Magus said...

I don't why but I have this frim faith that one day I'll win a lottery.... now I just have to go buy a ticket!!!!

Tiny Bellows said...

I wonder if buy lottery tickets is as addictive as other forms of gambling. Maybe there should be a warning on lottery tickets: "Warning: Gambling can lead to a dangerous addiction.” LOL

This is a fantastic blog you have here.