Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Golden Week Part 1 - Playing Golf at Chiba

Last week is a golden week in Japan, one week long vacation for most people in Japan.It's been a busy week for me in number of ways, so I haven't had time to do much work on my blog. One of a good decision I made is to join my friends spending the last day of Golden Week playing golf at Itopia Chiba, a nice golf course (and sure expensive!) and it takes almost two hours from Tokyo by car.`

I haven’t played for more than a year so my score was pretty bad – perfect 100!!. What I remember is I only got few pars, no birdies and dozen of triple putt. Not bad? Too bad?
Here is the list to blame :)
1. It was my first time play there
2. It was raining for the last 12 holes!
3. I didn’t know there are so many bunkers at the fairway.
4. I thought it was my ball
5. I guess it was my new glove doesn’t really fit on my hands
6. I didn’t have enough breakfast
7. The guys in front of us played like a turtle – we waited too long!

Do me a favor, add this list please! Onegaishimasu……:)) :)).