Monday, January 02, 2006

Summer Christmas 2005

Just two days before Christmas, here I am, thinking about my achievement and Christmas joy. Bit disappointing that I can't get all of my to achieve list that I wrote end of last year, I wish I could go few months back and fix everything up.

Even I know from my own experience that achievement doesn't yield lasting joy. True that sometimes great achievement during the year would make you feel better at Christmas in the earth's value. Anyway, I feel that I have done the best and for that I should say thanks God for this great year!!!

I think, Joy simply comes because God intervenes. Joy is something that is profoundly much deeper than simply breathing-in fresh air. Joy comes because God has done something spectacular in the world.

(Working) Life can be very dark and painful and when it comes, I will remember God's past actions of restoration. I will retell those good stories and I will remember and rejoice because I know that His joy will come to me again.

When life is difficult. When I am in trouble, misfortune, hurting and struggling; losing ground, surrounded by evil. What I have to do is pray and pray and pray.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2006. May God bless us forever.

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